Immune-Boosting Rituals for Seasonal Wellness

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It’s no coincidence that fall and back-to-school time is associated with the cold and flu season. As the days grow shorter and our schedules grow fuller, our immunity can take a hit due to stress and changes to our diet and habits. Luckily, keeping your immune system strong and ready to be your line of defense against viruses and other illnesses isn’t complicated. In fact, the simplest rituals are some of the best ways to all-around seasonal wellness. 

Enjoy the Seasonal Harvest

We all know that fruits and vegetables are part of a healthy diet, but did you know that eating what’s in season can help to boost your immunity? That’s because plants that are grown and harvested in the appropriate season have more nutrients than those grown out of season. Even better, what’s in season is often most cost effective and it’s easier to support your local farms. 

Some of the most immunity-strengthening foods are at their peak of flavor and freshness in autumn. Eat seasonally and savor the flavors of the Fall!

Move Your Body Daily

While many of our body’s systems function automatically, our lymphatic system, which helps our body eliminate bacteria and viruses, does not. All that’s required to keep it moving is moving your body. Whether you prefer a heart-pounding workout in your community’s fitness center or a gentle virtual yoga class, any movement helps! There are plenty of free fitness resources available, and walking is an easy, low-impact option. Find what works for you and set aside at least 20 minutes for it in your day.

Stay Hydrated

Without the heat of the sun to remind us we’re parched, we might forget to keep the fluids flowing. Our fluid intake directly influences our lymph—that’s the fluid that moves through our lymphatic system. Stay hydrated by drinking water, tea, and fruit juices, plus stock up on soups and hydrating fruits like apples and pears to keep your immunity strong. Keep your thermos or water bottle nearby to remind yourself to sip frequently. 

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Nothing puts a damper on your day like running on too little sleep. Beyond making you feel fatigued, sleep deprivation makes you more susceptible to colds, flu, and illnesses. Follow recommendations from the Sleep Foundation for healthy sleep habits, including creating a sleep sanctuary and following your pre-bedtime routine. 

Spend Time in Nature

Getting outside is a simple way to reduce stress, which in-turn benefits your immune system. Making time to get outside is especially vital if you’re acclimating to working and learning from home and don’t have a daily commute that exposes you to fresh air and sunshine. Walk your dog on your lunch break, hike or bike a local trail, or even take a drive with the windows open to reap the benefits of the outdoors.

What are your favorite ways to prevent illness during cold and flu season? Share your wellness tips with us on Facebook and Instagram. Looking for a home to settle into before winter arrives? Use our online apartment search tool to find the perfect Morguard apartment home in the U.S. or Canada.

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