Tips And Tricks To Roommate Living

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Here at Morguard, we strive for harmony in all aspects of life. We recognize that conflicts can arise, and believe that cooperation and compassion are the best ways to resolve them. Nowhere is this more true than in the roommate realm. We know that roommate living is a typical part of life for many apartment residents. Whether you are living with an old friend, a sibling, or a fellow online roommate seeker, harmony in the home is important to a happy and healthy living arrangement. It takes a lot to maintain a strong roommate relationship, and we’ve put together a few helpful tips to keep peace in the home.

Lay Down the Ground Rules

Not everyone has the same idea of what apartment living should look like. It’s important that roommates be on the same page on certain basic things to keep the peace. At the start of your living arrangement, sit down and work together on a set of house rules that you all feel you can live by. Maybe one person doesn’t want visitors without warning. Or another doesn’t want pets in the home. Find common ground and places to compromise until everybody is satisfied with the rules. By setting the ground rules from the beginning, you can avoid miscommunications down the line.


Set Expectations

It is important that everyone does their part to keep a happy home. By pitching in on things like chores, grocery shopping or household bills, everyone can feel a sense of ownership over their living situation. Try setting up a rotating schedule for chores so everyone gets a turn doing the hard stuff. Set clear expectations for how much everyone should contribute to bills and other common necessities. From the very beginning, make it clear what is communal property and what is private. If everyone is on the same page, it’s easy to maintain a friendly atmosphere!

Spend Time Together


Communication is key to any good relationship, and the best way to build communication is to spend time together. We’re often more likely to go out of our way to keep those we love happy, so keeping communication lines open will help maintain a strong roommate relationship too! Set aside a designated movie night each week or make sure to have dinner together sometimes. A little bit of quality time can go a long way!

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