Help Save Lives During Social Petworking Month This June

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Morguard Apartments is proud to offer pet friendly communities across the United States and Canada. We know the impact a pet can have on a person’s happiness, and we fully embrace that special bond! Many of our properties even offer special amenities geared toward the pet owner, like pet washing stations, enclosed dog parks, and more. We want to make sure your furry little friend feels at home just as much as you do.


As pet lovers, we at Morguard long to see every dog and cat find a loving home. Every year, millions of animals bide their time in shelters, waiting for the right person to give them a new start. Many are even put down when the shelters get too crowded. As heartbreaking as this is, there is a way you can make a difference.


We understand that not everyone is destined to be a pet owner. But everyone can help in the fight against pet homelessness! Every June, you can participate in Social Petworking Month. It’s easier than you might think to make a difference. Simply visit the website of your local pet adoption organization and find a pet you connect with. Then share that pet’s information across social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Your friends and followers will see these posts and someone might be moved to adopt a new furbaby! It’s that simple. Social media can often be filled with negativity. This is one way to take back the positive power of social media and focus it on a good cause. You might just save a life!

If you are looking for a pet friendly community that will welcome you and your four legged friends, explore the Morguard website to find a home near you. We look forward to welcoming you to the Morguard family.

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