Upgrade Your Space In Your Morguard Apartment

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For millions of students across North America, Graduation is coming up fast! It is a time of bittersweet feelings, as the excitement of the future mingles with the sadness of leaving friends, family and old memories behind. Home has been the only thing they’ve known for the last couple of decades, but now it is time to leave the security of youth and start a life of “adulting.”

At Morguard, we know that part of this new life is looking for the perfect home. After years of living with parents and in dorms, your new home is a chance to express who you are – a fresh start. With that in mind, it’s time to talk interior design. In college, it was not uncommon to see milk crates doubling as coffee tables and nightstands. Futons were the reigning sofa of choice. The walls were adorned with unframed posters and sometimes even, yes it’s true, empty booze bottles (we know some have pretty designs, but come on!). With college in the rear view mirror, it’s time to graduate to “grown up” surroundings. Here’s a handy guide bringing some flair to your new pad.

Find Your Style

The first step to showing your taste in furniture is to decide what taste you enjoy. Try picking a theme and sticking with it. Probably the easiest transition from college life is the popular Boho Chic style. Here, it’s all about neutral or earth tones. You want to go for comfort and lightness. There are a lot of fun accents available with the Boho look, like classic wicker or macrame. And of course, top it off with some lovely houseplants to add a touch of life and color.

Another popular design style is the Mid Century Modern look. This simplistic movement gives a fun retro sensibility that will give your home a unique Mad Men feel. The Mid Century Modern era incorporated a streamlined, uncluttered look that was popular in Scandanavian countries. A lot of what you might find in Ikea finds its roots in this style.

Of course, the beauty of now being a full-grown adult is that you can really have whatever style you want! Create your own look for your home that tells your story. You can mix and match and pull inspiration from many different design elements. Take the picture below: the modern, overstuffed couch can mix perfectly with the minimalist design of the desk, chair and lamp. Plus there is a little Shabby Chic thrown in with the apple crate coffee table. And the chalkboard wall pulls it all together.

Long story short, now that you are out of college and in the “real world,” there is an entire world of possibilities for decorating that don’t involve milk crates and futons! Explore and find your own interior design preferences that really represent who you are.


Bring it on Home

At Morguard, we are fans of all kinds of design styles. You can always find a Morguard property near you that will fit in with your lifestyle. Whether you are into minimalism or farmhouse chic, Mid Century Modern or contemporary design, Morguard would love to help you find the perfect place to call home!​

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