Stay Cozy & Reduce Utility Bills: How to Winterize Your Apartment

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There’s nothing like the feeling of stepping into your warm and inviting apartment home after being outside in freezing temperatures. Even if you don’t live in a cold climate, windy conditions and rain storms are enough to have us all retreating inside in search of comfort. Unfortunately, it can be easy for your plush oasis to become compromised when precious heat escapes, storms cause power outages, or other issues pop up from unpredictable weather. That’s why spending a little bit of time to winterize your Morguard apartment home can go a long way to get you through the winter.

Cover Windows 

Windows are another area in your apartment that will likely need some help keeping the cold out as the seasons change. Even if your windows aren’t drafty, heat can be lost through the glass itself. Prevent or minimize heat loss by using heavier or insulated curtains at this time of year.

Optimize Heat Flow

Is there a large piece of furniture near or covering a heating vent? Consider switching up your furniture to allow for optimal flow of heat through your apartment. Using a small fan or box fan to circulate the warm air is another option. You may be surprised how much warmer your apartment can be when heat is flowing freely. 

Layer Up Your Bedding

While tip-toeing across a chilly floor to slip into cool sheets doesn’t sound like an inviting bedtime routine in the winter, studies have shown that sleeping in a cooler room can improve sleep quality among other benefits. So, while you could turn up the thermostat, consider adding more layers to your bedding instead for a better night's sleep without raising your utility bill. 

Have an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Power and utility outages can happen, so be prepared! Gather everything for your emergency kit and keep it in a location where everyone in your home can access it. Refer to this list on to build your kit. 

Submit a Maintenance Work Order

If you notice that the caulking around your windows or something else in your Morguard apartment requires attention, submit a maintenance work order through your community’s Resident Portal, or contact the office. We’re here to help you stay comfortable and warm this winter. 

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