3 Easy Ways To Keep Dogs Active While Staying Home

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It’s no secret—we love our four-legged residents! That’s why every Morguard community is pet friendly. While we spend our days at home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, one silver lining is that we have more time to bond with our pets. In this article, we're sharing some of our favorite ways to keep dogs healthy and happy while following social distancing guidelines. Some of these can even be done in the comfort of your Morguard apartment home!


Before we dive into these tips to keep dogs active, there’s one thing to keep in mind when it comes to spending more time at home with your pets.

Dogs Can Sense Your Mood


It’s true! Studies show that your emotions can trigger different behaviors in your dog. If they sense that you’re stressed, it can influence their mood and even increase their heart rate. The good news is that exercise releases feel-good endorphins, so by being active with your dog, you’re promoting their good health as much as your own.


What are you waiting for? Let’s get moving!

Play Brain-Boosting Games With Your Dog

Dogs of all ages benefit from puzzles and games for their memory and mental health. Here are two you can try without any special equipment.


Slow feeding techniques are often used when a dog eats too quickly, but they also encourage your dog to think. You could purchase a special feeding bowl for this, but a cupcake or muffin tin does the trick! Once they get the hang of eating their kibble out of the cups, add peanut butter to increase the challenge. Dogs like to work!


Hide-and-seek treats is another fun game that dogs love because there’s a reward at the end! Simply hide their treats in your apartment and let them seek them out. Start with areas they frequent first, and make it more challenging over time.

Practice New Dog Tricks

Chances are, the top excuse for not practicing tricks with your dog is that you don’t have time. Well, you do now! There are plenty of dog trick instruction videos on YouTube, like this one with the Top 10 Cool Tricks to Teach Your Dog.

Daily Walks While Minding Distance


Dogs like to play with each other. Since this can make keeping a safe distance challenging, you may want to consider coordinating with your neighbors about when you plan to walk your dog. You might also consider trying a new walk route. Make it an adventure! Before you head out, don’t forget your dog waste bag.

Active Pets Are Healt​hy Pets

While cats have some different needs and preferences from dogs, they need to stay active, too! Make time for playtime with all of your pets for their optimal health and happiness.


Looking to welcome a dog or cat into your Morguard apartment home? Consider adopting from your local animal shelter. If you're on the search for a pet-friendly place to call home, use our handy online search tool to find a Morguard apartment community near you.

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