Hosting The Perfect Tailgate

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It’s football season in North America, and that means it’s the season of tailgate parties. This is the age-old pastime of gathering for the game and enjoying a meal of mostly incredibly unhealthy foods while celebrating your team with fellow supporters. While tailgating gets its name from the parties that took place around the bed of a pickup truck, it has evolved over the years to refer to basically any sports-themed party anywhere. Throwing the perfect tailgate party takes patience and planning. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure your tailgate party is one to remember.


Do: Fully support your team by proudly wearing their colors. This can be a jersey of your favorite player, an iconic headpiece like a cheese head for Green Bay, or even the Steelers’ Terrible Towel. Represent your team well!


Don’t: Be mean about someone else’s favorite team or player. A little playful ribbing is part of what makes the experience fun, but when it devolves into mean spirited name-calling or arguing, no one is having a good time. And fun is what sports, and parties, are all about!

Do: Have plenty of food and drinks to go around. Whether you are partying at home or outside the stadium, you want your guests to get their fill. This can be hotdogs, burgers, steaks, salads, chips, beer, sodas and whatever else your heart desires! For a fun sporty spin, be creative with your food. Make some football-shaped appetizers or serve your chips and dip in a helmet. The sky’s the limit!

Don’t: Let the playlist bring things down. The music you choose can make or break a tailgate party. Start out with something lower tempo but fun, and work your way up to more energetic tunes. It’s all about building momentum towards kick-off time!


Do: Bring enough seating for everyone. If you’re tailgating outside the stadium all day, everyone is going to want to sit down at some point. Bring plenty of camping chairs, stools, or even hard coolers so everyone has a seat.

Don’t: Speaking of coolers, don’t forget to bring enough ice! On hot days in the stadium parking lot, you’ll want to keep your drinks nice and frosty. It’s always better to have too much ice than not enough!

Do: Have fun! The best part of a tailgate party is the party! At Morguard, we are all about having a good time.


We take our football seriously, and our U.S. Teams proudly rep their favorite teams’ gear on ‘Football Friday’s’ all season long! If you are looking for a new home to cheer on your favorite team, visit the Morguard Apartments apartment search page.​ We have beautiful apartment communities in major sports hubs across North America, and we’re ready to cheer with you!

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