Morguard Helps Save The Bees

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As you’ve probably seen in the news in recent years, you have likely heard of the alarming decline in bees and the danger that poses to the world’s ecology. Bees play a crucial role in the health of the planet by carrying pollen from flower to flower, fertilizing the plants that feed us, clean the air, and keep the ecosystems of the world in harmony. Without them, it wouldn’t be long before our food sources took a rapid decline. Morguard is dedicated to helping to keep bee populations thriving!

As a part of our continued efforts toward sustainability, Morguard maintains multiple flourishing bee colonies across Canada. From Saskatoon to Montreal, Morguard supported hives are helping these pollinating powerhouses buzzing along. One of our Toronto communities, The Colonnade, has taken the amazing step of hosting one of our bee colonies on site. They are working to bridge the gap between urban life and natural processes and keep a healthy balance in their environment.


One of the perks of this program is the honey! Last year, the hives at The Colonnade produced enough honey for every resident to receive a jar of their own. This aim of urban sustainability represents just one of the many ways Morguard is doing our part to take care of the planet we call home.


We love working with people who are as dedicated to sustainable practices as we are. If you or someone you know is interested in a career with an eco-conscious company, please consider Morguard for your new role. We are always looking for talented people who love their work and their environment.

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