Fun & Easy Fall Crafts To Help You Celebrate The Harvest Season

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As the heat of the summer fades, a new kind of beauty emerges in nature. Crisp leaves, frosty mornings, and early sunsets put on a show. We might end up retreating to our cozy homes for warmth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the magic of the autumn season. DIY crafts are a great way to stay busy indoors while enjoying the bounty of the harvest time. Read on for fun and easy fall crafts to try at home.

Make an Autumn Wreath

If you want to transform a room or doorway with one piece, make a wreath! Wreaths can be made from different materials, including those found in nature and recycled materials. You will need a form for your wreath, which you can find at the craft store, or make out of newspaper

Beyond that, the sky is the limit! Here are some wreath materials to consider.

  • Herbs

  • Leaves

  • Twigs

  • Whole spices 

  • Scarves

  • Bandanas


Spice Up Your Cider

You could buy a mulled spice blend specifically created for hot apple cider, but where’s the fun in that? A trip to the bulk spice section of your local grocery store or maybe even your spice cabinet is all you need to make your own mulled cider spice mix. There’s no wrong way to make apple cider spice, but here’s a simple recipe that you can adjust according to your taste preferences. 

Feed the Birds With Pine Cone Feeders

A great craft for kids but fun for all ages, pine cone bird feeders are a great way to engage with nature. 

Pine Cone Bird Feeder Supplies

  • Pine cones

  • Honey or nut butter

  • Birdseed

  • String or twine to hang the feeder

Simply tie the string onto the pine cone, spread the honey or nut butter on the pine cone, and coat it with birdseed. Hang it up and watch the birds feast! 

Pro tip: Set up over a cookie sheet or bowl to prevent making a mess.


Press Leaves and Flowers

Bring a little piece of nature home with you and save it to enjoy for years to come by pressing it into a book or journal. These pressed pieces of the season can be used to make wreaths, garlands, artwork, and more crafts. Or, you can keep them pressed to enjoy another year.



Make a Seasonal Centerpiece 

Every meal feels like a feast when you have a stunning centerpiece on the table! You may not even need a trip to the craft store, try using natural elements and things you already have at home. Create a soft glow by adding candles, enjoy a burst of color using seasonal flowers such as chrysanthemums or marigolds, incorporate the scents of the season adding cinnamon or pine. Or if you want something unique and low-maintenance, a succulent pumpkin will do the trick!


Try one or all of these ideas and share your fall craft projects with us on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to see your DIY projects in your Morguard apartment home. 

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