This Is What Awesome Looks Like At Morguard

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Keeping a community like Grand Venetian at Las Colinas running smoothly is like captaining a ship. You have to be quick to resolve issues, support a positive working environment for your team, be creative with meeting resident needs, and promote the overall harmony of the community. You couldn’t ask for a better skipper than Christa Lingafelter!


Since beginning her time with Morguard as a community manager at Verandah at Valley Ranch, Christa has quickly made a name for herself as a hardworking and optimistic leader. Shortly after starting at Verandah, she assumed the position of Regional Training Facilitator and has played a huge role in the successful training of new employees in the region. In early 2018, Christa received a promotion to community manager of the larger community of Grand Venetian at Las Colinas in Irving. She has been steady at the helm there ever since!

Positivity breeds positivity, and Christa has certainly created a positive environment for her team. Here is what one fellow Grand Venetian had to say about her:

“If you were to write down all of the positive words you could say about an individual, that would describe Christa. Christa is amazing and without a doubt deserves to be recognized for her hard work. Not only is she extremely hard working, she also always approaches every situation with a huge heart and a smile. She tackles even the biggest challenges with positivity and determination. Christa leads by example and she makes coming to work enjoyable for her entire team at Grand Venetian. Congrats Christa! It’s an absolute pleasure working with you every day!” – Cyndee Ross, Assistant Manager at Grand Venetian at Las Colinas


“Christa is an extremely important part of our Dallas team and to Morguard as a whole. She is a focused community manager who displays patience and kindness with her team and in the region when she assists with training and coaching as an RTF. She is goal oriented, task driven and is what I consider a strong performer who displays a great example of leadership. She has integrity and a genuineness about her and in her approach with others. She is absolutely well liked and appreciated by those around her. She is deeply appreciated by me for all her efforts that she puts in on a daily and consistent basis.” – Mish Caruso- Leicht, District Manager

When she is not busy with her duties as Community Manager or Regional Training Facilitator, Christa is an avid reader, kayaker, camper and general outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Jeff, her three wonderful stepchildren and her adorable furbabies (#dogmomproud)!

Her weekends are often spent volunteering at the Irving Animal Care Campus, which doubles as the local shelter and humane society headquarters of North Dallas.

If you know of someone like Christa, we’re always looking for more heroes to join the Morguard team. If you have anyone in mind, please refer them to our careers page. They’re welcome to join our Morguard family!

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