3/26/2018 4:08 PM


Let’s get physical! That’s right, we’re talking about health and happiness today. Morguard is excited to bring you one of the hottest trends of 2018, Meatless Mondays. Cutting meat from your diet once a week proves to be a great opportunity to try delicious new recipes and improve your health.

From Duty to Necessity

During the First and Second World Wars, patriotic Americans committed one day each week to give up meat in an effort to ration food for the troops fighting overseas. Decades later, numerous studies have shown the health benefits of reducing meat in one’s diet, and doctors saw the need to urge Americans to cut down their intake of saturated fat by 15%. What better way to do this than to reinstate the rationing idea in the form of Meatless Monday? This popular campaign is now practiced in over 40 countries around the world, with several countries using initiatives in schools and restaurants in support of the program.

This practice also makes a big impact on the environment. The production of meat requires agriculture methods that cause pollution and water/land consumption. Cutting out meat for just one day a week puts a big halt on the environmental impact. Let’s not forget that reducing your intake of meat can also reduce our dependence on fossil fuel.  

Beautiful Bites

The beginning of a week is a great time to undo the unhealthy habits of the weekend and kick off beneficial ones. Here’s how to make it delicious. Check out these recipes or even create your own. All of these are super easy to make in your Morguard kitchen with simple ingredients. There’s something for every one of your taste buds.

Get on the Bandwagon!

Social media influencers are predicting plant-based diets to be the hottest food trend of 2018. This is backed up by researchers who have noticed increased percentages in vegetarian and vegan claims in the past six years. Now is the time to jump on the bandwagon! Make sure to share all of the wonderful meatless dishes you cook in your Morguard apartment with us on social media. Happy cooking! ​


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