3/5/2018 1:16 PM


Here at Morguard, our company would simply be incomplete without our amazing staff including Ana Ciumac. Ana is the Property Administrator at one of our Toronto communities and has served in various roles throughout the years. Her innovative character is a common thread in both her personal and professional life, providing us the pleasure of a great relationship and one we want to celebrate.

A True Visionary

It is easy to say that Ana never has had a dull moment in life. She soaks up every opportunity to create and explore. Her experiences have given her a love for some of the best things in life. In her spare time you can find her walking, running, reading, drawing, fishing, and whipping up delicious new recipes. However, her true passion is knitting, which provides her a calm and tranquil space amidst life’s storms. But she’s never afraid of a challenge. One of her current goals is to publish a sci-fi trilogy for young adults. We can’t wait to read it! Another reason to adore Ana is her presence in her family’s lives. When she is not creating or being active, she is getting involved in her grandchildren’s school lives. You can find her volunteering and helping out wherever there is a need.

Please come back!

Back in 1997, Ana started with us before we were even known as Morguard. Her role as superintendent blew us away and within six short months she became a building manager. Unfortunately, she said goodbye to us after a few years to take care of her family. Not long after, we missed her presence. Her esteemed reputation with our company made us beg for her to come back to Morguard. Her sincere care for people’s concerns and requests moved her up quickly. It gives her joy to interact with people, so it was no surprise to us to see her graduate from Leasing Consultant to Property Administrator.

Cheers to you, Ana! Thank you for all you do for Morguard, our residents, your family and friends. You truly are a rockstar.

We’re always looking do life with amazing people like Ana. If you’re looking for a fulfilling career and family, check out our careers page. We’re excited to see you grow with us.​


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