6/25/2018 2:36 PM


Our family is made up of unique and talented individuals. Across North America, the team members of Morguard turn our apartments into homes and Alta at K Station is no exception. These two towers soaring high above the Loop are a premier residence with a plethora of amenities and perks. Among its many perks is the outstanding Assistant Community Manager, Mirela, who we’re proud to have as part of the Morguard team.

Mirela has been with the Alta at K Station team since the very beginning. As one of the first team members hired when the building was constructed, she has fallen in love with it and its many residents. Her initial position was as the bookkeeper, but she has since worked her way up to her current position. After eight years of service with us, we’ve learned that she is definitely a caretaker with a fierce edge to her, which makes her perfect for this Chicago community.

Arriving from Bosnia, she took on this city in her own way. When she’s not serving the Alta community, you can find her enjoying one of her many hobbies. This includes cheering on the Blackhawks at a hockey game or watching them on TV, cursing in Bosnian if they don’t win. She also loves her music and believes, “the harder the rock, the better!”

But let’s not forget her tender side. One of Mirela’s greatest strengths is her intuition and sensitivity. She cares not only for our Alta community but also the needs of the elderly and disabled in the neighborhood. Each week she helps them with their grocery shopping and cooking. She has a big heart and always makes sure to give a little extra care to those without family or friends to depend on. For all of her many wonderful characteristics and areas of service, we want to thank Mirela!

Do you know anyone like Alta at K Station’s Assistant Community Manager? If so, we encourage them to join our team. We’re always looking for talented and service-oriented individuals to contribute to the Morguard family. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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