10/10/2017 12:17 PM
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We are proud to feature one of our outstanding Morguard team members from our corporate office. All of our staff members have a story, and in this edition, Camelia Raduca, our amazing accounting manager, shares a glimpse of her pastimes and experience working at Morguard.

We are very happy to highlight Camelia in this feature, and we are grateful for her commitment and exemplary service as part of our Morguard family. Let’s learn a little more about who Camelia is and what experiences she has had, in her own words:


Favorite Pastime/Hobby

“I’ve always been an avid traveler and recently discovered scuba diving and soap making.”

Charity Participation

“As an adopted Canadian and first-generation immigrant, I focused my volunteer initiatives on

Romanian families. I have hosted and mentored numerous Romanian newcomers and their families.”

Morguard Experience

“After 10 years of commuting to downtown Toronto, I decided to look for a more convenient job location. Following extensive research, I fell in love with Morguard’s image as an employer with employee-oriented management style. I was so excited about joining Morguard that I renounced a steady full-time position for a six-month contract and less vacation time. Seven years later (and with more vacation time earned), I am still a happy Morguard employee.”

Once again, we are very happy to have Camelia and her entire team as part of our Morguard corporate family. Our corporate office sets an example for exemplary commitment, character, and innovative edge, and we are glad it’s shining so bright!

Just as Camelia stated, we love that Morguard employees stay for the long haul. If you know someone who is a good fit for our culture at Morguard, consider us for those seeking jobs in apartment management and property management. We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Camelia, and if you would like to learn more about Morguard, see the link here.


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