7/17/2017 10:55 AM


The Summer WOW Fridge Contest has come to an end. We here at Morguard would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Whether you were a staff member or a resident at a participating community, you are the ones who made it so much fun to be a part of this contest.

One Fridge Fights Its Way to the Top

For the contest, several of our Morguard communities across the U.S. competed against each other for the title of best summer-themed fridge. All photos of the decorated fridges were compiled into an album and featured on our official Morguard Facebook page. The WOW Fridge with the most likes won not only the Best Decorated title, but also the coveted WOW Fridge trophy. This year’s winning Morguard property is Emerald Lake, with the best photo getting 125 likes, and combined, their four photo entries received a grand total of 485 likes. This fridge featured a very special patriotic theme, showcasing Ol’ Glory and the red, white and blue color scheme proudly in both food and decorations.


Commenting Your Way to Victory

As part of this Summer’s WOW Fridge Contest, participants could also leave comments on their favorite fridge entries for the chance to win a gift card. Additionally, participants who helped vote for their favorite WOW Fridge by liking the fridge could also win a gift card by just being a lucky voter! A big congratulations to the following winners:

Finding Ish of Jamestown E​states’ most liked comment was: “Lol...dumbbells in the fridge? I was up all night looking for them and that’s where I left them.”

Sravanthi Pavuluri of Verandah at Valley Ranch’s most liked comment was: “Have a Cool Summer with Kool Aids

You’ve both received the highest amount of likes on your respective comments, and will each be receiving $50 gift cards!

Our final winner is Andrea Yager, who was lucky enough to be randomly drawn to win one of the available gift cards. Congratulations to all those who won, and we hope to see you participate again next year!

We Want You For Morguard!

We here at Morguard love to let our teams know that they are appreciated by giving them chances to express themselves in fun and creative ways. The Summer WOW Fridge Contest is just one way we encourage our teams and residents to have a good time. If you or someone you know is a good fit for this company culture, and are currently seeking a new role in apartment or property management, consider a career with Morguard. We are always looking for people who appreciate being a part of a team that loves the work they do as much as they love to have fun!​


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