7/24/2018 2:03 PM

At Morguard Apartments we love pets and we love our fun, creative residents. What better way to combine those two loves than with a video contest? It’s time to show off your favorite furry friend and win prizes!


The Morguard Fluff Challenge

For this contest, send us your version of the Internet’s latest and greatest video craze, the “What the Fluff” Challenge. The challenge is easy! First, sit your pet down for a little magic show. Next, hold up a blanket in front of yourself like you are playing hide and seek, making sure your little furball knows you are there. Then simply toss the blanket up slightly and duck away to a hiding place, letting the blanket fall to the floor in a heap. Your little critter will be shocked to see you have disappeared!

For inspiration, check out these videos with examples of the challenge to get your creative juices flowing. If you think your pet is just too smart, you can kick it up a notch like this guy did in his mind boggling video.

Win Coffee!

The best 3 entries will win Starbucks gift cards, with first place winning $25, second winning $20, and third winning $15. So if you didn’t already love your pet more than anything, now they can win you coffee!

How to Enter

To enter our Morguard Fluff Challenge contest, just post your Fluff Challenge video on your Facebook or Instagram and tag @MorguardApartments. Throw the hashtag #MorguardPets onto the end and you are officially entered. The contest will run until July 31, 2018 and winners will be announced on social media on August 1st. So get your camera, a blanket, and your furry best friend and make some Fluff Challenge magic!

Be a Part of the Morguard Community

If you are wondering why we host these competitions, the reason is simple: you! We want to build a community of laughter, creativity and passion for our residents and our Morguard teams. If you or someone you know is a good fit for our company culture and are currently seeking a new role in apartment or property management, consider a career with Morguard. We are always looking for fun and talented people to be a part of our amazing team. Also, continue to follow our blog to find more opportunities for prizes and other Morguard Community happenings!​​​


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