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Whether you live in Canada or the United States, you know it’s summertime when Canada Day and the 4th of July are on the horizon. Canada Day and July 4th are within days of each other and although their origins may be different, they are often celebrated in similar ways. To help you get into the holiday spirit, we’ve put together some tips on how to celebrate these days and kick off your summer fun!

Why are we celebrating?

Canada Day lands on July 1st every year and marks the day that Canada became a nation. This day has been recognized since 1867 when the British North America Act created this big and beautiful country.

July 4th marks the Independence of the United States from Great Britain and its birth as a nation. Though the Declaration of Independence was finished on July 2nd, the final edits were accepted and printed copies were distributed on July 4th.   

Both days are cause for celebration and a time for people to take pride in living in these wonderful countries. From barbeques to parades, there are countless ways you can celebrate these two monumental days.


It’s not a party without food, and it’s not summer without some good BBQ. Both sides of the northern border have summer cookouts to celebrate Canada Day and July 4th. They’re equally as delicious, too! We’ve gathered a list of some bbq recipes that you can whip up for your holiday cookout. From refreshing bites to spicy appetizers like stuffed jalapeno firecrackers, you’re sure to love these recipes. When you’re ready to grub, head here for some American BBQ favorites, and here for some classic Canadian vittles.


Who doesn’t love the explosion of color from a good fireworks display? It seems no matter how many times you watch them, the sense of wonder never goes away. For Americans, the fireworks symbolize the exploding mortars and bombs that lit up the night during battles with the British forces. They represent the sounds of the war it took to gain independence.

In Canada’s case, independence came through gradual treaties and constitutional acts. So for them, the fireworks lit off on July 1st are a colorful part of the celebration. Again, everyone can appreciate fireworks! But if you do plan to enjoy them at home, please be safe, obey all local laws, and make sure your pets are kept safe and comfortable indoors.


Both countries have celebrated their birthdays through the years with big, brassy military displays. This includes troops marching down streets lined with cheering crowds showering them with praise and confetti. Over time, the parades became less military in nature and began to focus more on celebrating the ordinary citizen. Now, parades can include floats, costumed characters, marching bands, local celebrities, and many other attractions. Check your local government website for nearby parades.

This July, America and Canada have a lot to celebrate. Our two countries share a rich history together, and are similar in a lot of ways. Whether you are partying on the 1st or the 4th, freedom and prosperity are things that we can always celebrate!


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