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At Morguard, we are all about creativity and fun! We want our residents to get into the Holiday Spirit in a big way, and that means getting extra festive with holiday decorations. Some people like to hang the same lights and ornaments every year, while others like to change it up on an annual basis. Whatever your preference, we love seeing the originality of our artistic residents! For those looking to try something new this year, here are some simple holiday crafts you can do at home that will boost the joy of the season!

Winter Scene Jar

This decoration is simple to make but is beautiful to display! Here’s what you will need:

1 large glass jar

2 cups table salt “snow”

1 miniature Evergreen tree

1 strand battery-powered twinkle lights

Put the battery pack of the lights in the base of the jar and cover it with the salt. Push the tree base into the salt so it will stand upright on its own. Coil the lights into the jar loosely so they create a starry sky effect around your winter scene. Feel free to place other small toys in the “snow,” like a little sled or snowman! Close the lid and turn on the lights. You now have a beautiful winter scene in a jar that can be used for years to come!


Winter Spice Candles

Candles can bring a warm glow to a home that evokes equally warm feelings of peace and tranquility. When that glow is paired with a soft pleasant scent, the experience is pure holiday joy! This decoration is beautiful to look at as well as beautiful to the nose. Here’s what you’ll need:

Unscented tower candles

Cinnamon Sticks

Packing twine

Candle stand

Tacky glue

Cut the cinnamon sticks so that they peek just over the top of the candle. Run a thin line of glue along the side of a cinnamon stick and glue it vertically along the candle. Glue another cinnamon stick next to the first and keep going until the candle is completely surrounded. Finally, tie a ribbon of twine around the middle of the sticks and finish it with a bow. Place the candle on a candle stand and light the wick. As the flame heats the candle, the cinnamon sticks will release a gentle aroma that will fill your home with a soft wintery spice smell!

Warning: Be sure to check first if your community allows candles. As always with an open flame, use extreme caution and extinguish when not in use!


Holiday Ornament Wreath

Our final project comes to us via Virginia, owner of the lifestyle blog LiveLoveDIY. It is a wonderful way to bring a splash of color to your home! This wreath can be very inexpensive, is easy to make, and will be a favorite holiday decoration! Here’s what you’ll need:

A foam or wicker ring

LOTS of classic globe ornaments of various sizes

Hot glue gun and glue

The key with this many ornaments is to go cheap! The end result will be just as nice with dollar store or discount store ornaments. Get around 100 in your favorite colors. Start by gluing a row of ornaments to the inside of the ring with the top nubs all facing the same direction toward the back of the ring. Then glue a row to the outside or the ring, again making sure the top nubs face the back of the ring. Next, flip the ring over and just start gluing away! Fill in all the gaps with different sized ornament until you have a full, colorful wreath! Check out this and more incredible DIY crafts at LiveLoveDIY for ideas and inspiration!


Home for the Holidays

Now that you have some gorgeous holiday decorations, you’ll want a gorgeous home to go with them! Morguard is proud to have communities across the United States and Canada, so home is never far away. Find your holiday home at morguardapartments.com. And be sure to share your own creative holiday decorating ideas with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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