9/20/2016 10:38 AM

​​We would like to thank everyone, including all staff members at participating communities and all the residents and friends, who participated in our WOW Fridge Contest!

The contest kicked off on August 31st and showcased an array of creatively decorated model suite refrigerators from select Morguard communities on our Facebook page. Participants “liked” their favorite fridge amongst all of the great choices, and commented on their chosen fridge with a unique caption. Additionally, participants voted for their favorite caption on any of the fridges by liking the caption.

With each “like” being counted as a vote, the WOW Fridge Contest winning categories included an award for the community fridge with the most votes, as well as an award for the contestant who had the most likes on their fun fridge comment. In the Morguard spirit, we even added another lucky winner, chosen at random from all participating contestants. The two lucky contestants won $50 gift cards, and the winning Morguard community received a trophy as well as a catered lunch for their entire staff!

At Morguard, we enjoy celebrating the residents and staff of all of our communities which make interactive contests like our WOW Fridge campaign so special. After all, we all know the value and appeal of a fridge stocked full of goodies and cold drinks! All ten participating communities deserve recognition for their WOW fridge presentations:


Now for the moment we have all been waiting for… The envelope please… And the winners are:

  • Woodbine Apartment Homes won the "Best WOW Fridge Award" with 77 likes total. Woodbine staffers, clear a place in your office for the trophy and save room for a big lunch!

  • Amber Mamuscia Harrington (Assistant Manager at Pine Bend & The Hamptons) won a $50 gift card with the most likes on her fridge comment, "This apartment is a great deal. Don't let it goooooo!”

  • ​Taylor Fiscus (an Alta at K Station resident) is the "lucky voter" random drawing winner of a $50 gift card.

Congratulations to all the winners, we’re grateful for all of the contributions and time invested by every staff member at each community. We appreciate the service and commitment exhibited throughout the year to make each property a great place to live and a great place to work. Be on the lookout for the next fun contest or Morguard event! ​​​​​


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