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Every year on March 8th, the world celebrates women. The purpose for International Women’s Day (IWD) is for women around the world to collectively voice their needs, their accomplishments, and their culture. This is a day to honor women and all that they are. As a company that values home and family, we know that the Morguard home and family would be incomplete without the women in it.  

IWD & Me

The United Nations adopted this holiday in 1975. Since that year, March 8th globally recognizes the struggles and triumphs of what it means to be a woman. Since 2010, IWD has developed trends and themes which women around the world can identify with. This includes displacement, empowerment, aid for impoverished women, violence against women, and equality. By 2014, over 100 countries celebrated this holiday. This year to celebrate IWD, we chose a handful of speakers from various Morguard departments to participate in a panel discussion. We believe these themes and trends should continue to be explored. In doing so, we hope to create change and progress for women around the world. Thanks to the following panelists, our dreams for women are that much closer.

  • Andrea Tushingham - Director National Retail Marketing

  • Anya Heath - Divisional Controller

  • Cari O’Leary - Property Manager

  • Ed Lincz - Vice President Property Management

  • Pamela McLean - Senior Vice President Finance & Chief Financial Officer


It was an honor to see over 200 employees at this event. In addition to our panel discussion, we included motivational videos, presentations, and a speech from the Morguard Chairman, K. Rai Sahi. We continued the celebration with high tea and lunches. Another way we contributed to empowering IWD was through a charity walk and various activities with teams from across North America.



The Matter at Hand

Annually, we see positive change for women. Changes can be seen in career opportunities, educational programs, development organizations, domestic violence services, medical care, and many other ways. We love the strides the world has taken, but we know it doesn’t stop there. Which is why we loved the themes of 2018, #PressforProgress and #MyFeminism. The concept of Press for Progress is to press people to intentionally think and act in ways that are gender inclusive. My Feminism is also a press for all gender identities to be treated equally.

Progress Your Feminism

Thank you to all women around the world. We will continue to celebrate with you and fight for you every day. Whether you’re a Morguard employee, resident, or you just stumbled upon us, we hope you’ll join #PressforProgress and #MyFeminism. See images from across our company on our social media sites and on our website. You can also find ways to get involved with International Women’s Day on their website.​


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