11/2/2018 2:28 PM


Día de los Muertos, also known as “Day of the Dead,” is a very special time in Mexican culture. It is a time of reflection and remembering those who have passed away. Many believe that during the 3-day long celebration, the spirits of ancestors are able to visit their loved ones who are still living, bringing comfort and blessings to those who remember them.

In observance of the visit of these beloved souls, people prepare altars with ofrendas, or offerings, of food and drinks, along with a photo of the person being honored. In this culture, death is still mourned, but it is seen as another part of life along with birth, childhood, and the afterlife. During Día de los Muertos, family spirits return and are a part of the community celebrations. While outsiders may see it as a celebration of death, it is really a beautiful celebration of life to the fullest!

We asked the Morguard family to send us names and photos of treasured people in their lives who have passed away, along with a favorite memory or piece of advice. In sharing these, we honor their dead and celebrate the lives of those who mean so much to our team members.

















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