6/12/2018 3:33 PM


At Morguard, we truly believe that each and every one of us grows through respect and recognition. The Keeper of the Flame program is an important initiative for personal and professional development, and it helps us formally acknowledge and thank team members for their dedication and hard work.

This year, we recognized sixteen Morguard associates who have made exceptional contributions to our company over the course of their Morguard career. Each of them embodies Morguard’s core values in everything that they do and we’re proud to have them on the Morguard team.

Morguard is governed by core values embodied in our six “Foundations for Success” and all sixteen recognized associates demonstrates these values:

1.     We exceed expectations through powerful thinking;

2.     We build a winning team through openness and communication;

3.     We run on pride and passion;

4.     We get results with integrity;

5.     We grow through respect and recognition; and,

6.     We use all of our research and resources to deliver superior service.

The individuals being honoured are drawn from a diverse array of roles, and from many levels of the Morguard organization. This year’s keepers have greatly surpassed performance expectations and have continuously delivered superior service and demonstrated powerful thinking in their roles.


Without further adieu, here are the Morguard’s 2018 Keeper of The Flame recipients:

  • Ulla Mills

  • Oliver Tolentino

  • Sharon Quigley

  • Nicole Khanduja

  • Paul Rahman

  • Fran Hamer

  • Katie Billingsley

  • Andrea Sison

  • Camelia Raduca

  • Ashley Jones

  • Rupinder Rai

  • Michael Swinerd

  • Rose Johnson

  • Robert Wilson

  • Cameron Gill

  • Tina Mitzell


We are extremely proud of the passion and initiative put forward by this year’s winners.

Whether their work is done at one of our properties or in a corporate office, each has showcased a commitment to excellence beyond job descriptions. Congratulations to them all on their outstanding contributions to Morguard!


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