4/30/2018 2:53 PM


May the Fourth is coming up! Do you have it in you to celebrate the right way? It’s coming at you faster than the speed of light and you need the right place to honor this day. In fact, three of our very own Morguard communities are so excited to celebrate their love for all things Star Wars, that they already have celebrations planned!

Celebrate We Must

Verandah at Valley Ranch and Grand Venetian are in their third year of celebrating this special Star Wars Day and look forward to it every year. This year, two will become three as Retreat at Spring Park will celebrate May the Fourth for the first time. No one puts it better than the Assistant Manager of Verandah, Joey, when he says “Star Wars Day was a day that was started by Star Wars fans. The famous saying, ‘May the Force be with you’, became the pun of ‘May the Fourth be with you.’ The way I see this day, is from Princess Leia’s point of way, is a Day of ‘Hope.’ The start of a day, a new venture, a new beginning. As long as you have Hope anything can be achieved!!!” These well-said words inspire us to celebrate new ventures for our Morguard properties and the those in the lives of our residents.

If you’re a resident of Verandah at Valley Ranch, Retreat at Spring Park, or Grand Venetian, make sure to stop by their leasing offices on May 4th dressed in your Star Wars best for some Star Wars themed treats and fun. You never know, you might even run into a Jedi Master or Stormtrooper!

Clone It

If you’re a true fan and want to go all out in your celebrations, follow this wisdom from us to you. Even if you’re living in a location other than Retreat at Spring Park, Verandah or Grand Venetian, there’s still plenty of Morguard ways to celebrate.

1. Star Wars Movie Marathon - Grab your friends and family and put together a marathon of Star Wars movies. You can break it up into a mini-marathon and select just a few to watch.
2. Dressing Up - You can easily pick up a Star Wars themed shirt and call it a day. Or you can show how much you’re part of their galaxy with these awesome costume ideas.
3. Treats and Drinks - If you’re not a fan of the idea of blue milk, no worries. We’ve got you covered with these really fun Star Wars themed recipes.
4. Battle It Out - This one is for those looking for live action. Create a bracket for a lightsaber fight and include everyone at your party. Either make your own or purchase them from your local toy store.

We hope the force is with you and that you’ve an amazing May the Fourth! Make sure to share your Star Wars celebrations with us on social!  


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