10/4/2016 12:27 PM

Living Green at Alta at K Station

Here at Morguard, we’re extremely eco-conscious, and we’re constantly striving to set new standards for what it means to live green. We currently own and manage a large portfolio of communities across North America, including Alta at K Station, which is a premier LEED® Gold-certified, high-rise, residential rental complex in the Windy City.

Alta at K Station is the first LEED certified rental residence in Chicago, and it’s also the largest apartment community in the United States to have earned LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council​. In order to create this modern green living community, several green building practices were implemented ranging from water efficiency to sustainable transportation.

Water Efficiency
Alta at K Station recognizes how precious water is and works hard to limit the amount of fresh water used for non-potable needs. With that said, Alta works to save water by landscaping only with rainwater helping to reduce the amount of fresh drinking water used.

Sustainable Transportation
Alta’s ideal location, which is close to several mass transit lines, allows residents to reduce their carbon footprint by taking easy-to-access public transportation. Alta also provides on-site bicycle storage and car-share access with fuel-efficient Zipcar rentals on the premises.

Energy and Atmosphere
Alta at K Station makes great efforts to lower its energy output and does so with an energy-efficient mechanical system that has been designed for optimum power performance. This system includes utilizing light-colored roofing materials that work together with areas of a planted green roof to help reduce the “heat island effect” thus contributing to a cooler living environment.

Materials and Resources
Implementing renewable materials played a huge role in helping make Alta at K Station the green living community that it is today. Many local and recycled materials were used in the construction of Alta, which helped reduce the impact of extraction, processing and transportation.

Indoor Environmental Quality
During Alta’s construction process, all indoor materials that emit common pollutants were avoided; therefore, a much healthier living environment was being cultivated from day one. At Alta, natural light fills the rooms thanks to the use of distinctive glass, substantially improving your living environment.

In short, Alta at K Station is continually establishing standards for green-living. It’s a glowing example of Morguard’s commitment to developing more eco-sustainable communities that use less energy, minimize waste and provide a superior living environment.


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