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Not Like the Movies

Most people think of college living like Animal House or Revenge of the Nerds: too many students packed into too-small and too-dirty spaces. When one thinks of dorms, images of cramped quarters, shared bathrooms, dirty kitchens, and a lack of privacy come to mind. But there is good news - it doesn’t have to be that way!

A Better Student Experience

All across North America, universities are welcoming students back for another year of inspiration and higher learning. And near those universities, Morguard apartment communities are welcoming students home. We pride ourselves on providing a clean, upscale alternative to traditional on-campus housing. Whether you are a junior transfer who doesn’t wish to return to dorm life, a post-graduate scholar with a family and a job, or someone who simply values privacy and independence, there is likely a Morguard option close to campus.

Graduate to Better Amenities

College can be extraordinarily stressful. It is crucial to have a place to unwind and relieve the tension that can build up with a full course load. That’s where Morguard apartment community amenities come in. Many Morguard properties offer resort-style swimming pools, game rooms with billiards or shuffleboard, world-class fitness centers, or other opportunities to relax and unwind. And for that last minute cram session, take advantage of the peace and quiet of your own space, without worrying about the bustling distractions of a busy campus.

We’re Right There With You

From Edmonton to Bradenton and from Toronto to Tampa, we’re near a university near you. If you’re at the University of Toronto, check out housing options at The Colonnade or The Bay Club. Enrolling at The University of Denver? Visit the nearby Retreat at City Center. Pensacola State University students have three nearby Morguard options: Governor’s Gate, Woodcliff, and Jamestown Estates. So no matter where you choose to be your alma mater, you’ll likely find a Morguard property close by for you to call home.


If you would like to know more about our Morguard properties across Canada and the United States, please visit our website. Looking for a job after school? If you or someone you know is interested in a career with a wonderful company, please consider Morguard for your new role. We are always looking for talented people who love their work and are excited to learn!


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