9/18/2017 10:50 AM


We’ve all been there: having way too much stuff, but no where to put it all.

The stacks of shoes piling up at your front door are begging to be thrown away to conserve that extra legroom. All those snacks you just had to buy from the grocery store are crowding your pantry and are now spilling onto your kitchen counter. Have no fear! We’ve put together some tips and tricks to make the most of your Morguard apartment home.

Save some space with these 6 great tips:

  • Get rid of the cardboard.

    • Free yourself from “pantry overload” by purchasing reusable air-tight containers that can be vertically stacked. Your food stays fresh, and your pantry has never looked classier!

  • Store your stuff where you sleep.

    • Take plastic storage bins, cut a small hole in the bottom 4 corners, and install small wheels to the base. Voila! Plastic under-bed drawers that roll out for your convenience.

  • No invasive procedures necessary.

    • Get over-the- door hooks for your kitchen cabinet under the sink and use it as a garbage bin or for extra kitchen storage.

  • Shelf it up!

    • There are many storage solutions on sites like Amazon that don’t require breaking out the tool box. Utilize the air space above your toilet or faucet for that much-needed extra counter space.

  • Lose the coffee table.

    • Replace your living room coffee table with a vintage trunk that functions as both a coffee table and a storage solution.

  • TV dinners just got a whole lot more fun.

    • Ever heard of a console table? A sleek, narrow table in your living area does triple duty as extra storage space, a dining room table AND a work station.  

We hope that our list of fun apartment hacks helps you live conveniently in your Morguard apartment suite. Do you have any other helpful tips for us to add? Connect with us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!

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