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Happy Victoria Day! Today we celebrate the life of Queen Victoria. Here at Morguard, we love our Canadian roots and any reason to get into a festive spirit. There are plenty of ways to celebrate in your Morguard home, or exploring out in your community. Let us know how you choose to celebrate Victoria Day with your family and friends.  

May Two-Four

More commonly known as May Two-Four, a nod to Queen Victoria’s birthday on May 24, 1819, Victoria Day is when Canadians recognize and celebrate the long-reigning monarch as the Mother of Confederation. Three British colonies were turned into Canadian provinces during her time as queen. Though she never visited Canada, we honor all that she did and created for Canada. Aside from the confederation, she named Ottawa as the national capital and also named British Columbia and New Westminster. Additionally, she designated the coat of arms for Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. She took a deep interest in Canadian affairs, so much so that she sent all of her sons and one daughter to live and work in Canada. No other royal has been honoured as much as Victoria, with public spaces and communities named after her and her children.

Little But Mighty

If you know anything about us, you know how special our Be You campaign is to us. Our goal is to instill strength and confidence in girls far and wide. What better example of these values we hold dear, than a woman like Queen Victoria.  

Victoria reigned long and accomplished much, not only as a queen but as a mother. We want to celebrate the things that made her unique. Here are a few fun facts about the monarch you may not know:

  • Victoria became queen at 18, a grandmother at 39 and a great-grandmother twenty years later. She had a total of 42 grandchildren and tragically, outlived three of her own children.

  • It is commonly believed that Victoria started the tradition of a bride wearing white. Before her wedding to Prince Albert, a woman would simply wear her best dress, no matter what colour it was.

  • Queen Victoria had a very outspoken nature and imposing reputation, yet she was only 5 feet tall.

  • Victoria’s mother spoke German at home and although she ruled England for almost 64 years, Victoria never learned to speak perfect English.

However you celebrate this day, with food, family, friends, a quick vacation, or two twenty-four packs, we wish you an amazing time.

If you’re looking to celebrate with Morguard every day, check out our careers page. We love bringing enthusiastic people into the family. Join us!


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