1/29/2018 5:19 PM


From its delicious Swedish meatballs to its incredible room displays, Ikea has always been one of our favorite furniture stores. Ikea is the perfect place to stock up on all of your furniture and organizational needs and can help you make your Morguard Apartment the functional home of your dreams. That said, take your love for Ikea up a notch with these fantastic Ikea DIY projects that are inexpensive, quick and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Turn a wine bottle holder into a hanging herb garden. Add some freshness to your favorite recipes with this $12 project. Hang the wine rack sideways near a window and pop in some pint-sized wine glasses where the bottles would go. Pour in your dirt and seeds and watch them grow.

2. This wonderful kitchen trick will let you charge while you cook. All you need is Ikea’s Fintorp Rail and whatever hanging basket you like. Install this rail into the side of your counter or cabinet near an outlet. Plug your phone in and drop it in the basket. You can also use this rail to hang towels or put a hook and keys on it.

3. This is probably the simplest hack with endless versatility. Choose a narrow picture ledge, whatever color or length you want, and hang it right above your bathroom sink. Use this to place candles, makeup, shaving cream and razors, or anything that fits. It’s a great way to declutter your sink.

4. Now, if only there was a way to create more closet space. Ikea has you covered on that one too. Simply buy some inexpensive floating shelves and hang them at the bottom of your closet wall. Voila! Easy peasy shoe storage.

5. Shorts, skirts, scarves, or hats can hang in your closet with ease. This trick will also leave plenty of room for your clothes. You’d spend more on McDonalds than on these shelf brackets. Install them about halfway down your closet and you automatically have more space.
6. Cleaning supplies always have a way of making a mess. They’re cluttering your cabinet space, so let’s give it a facelift. A simple plastic bag holder, flipped on its side and hung on a wall, makes the perfect place to hang spray cleaners, rags, dusters, and sponges.

We hope you enjoyed these cost-effective apartment hacks! If you try adding any of these to your Morguard Apartment, be sure to let us know on social. Simply tag Morguard Apartments in your photo and tell us how it’s changed your space. We can’t wait to see what you create!


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