9/17/2018 3:11 PM


Keep Your Friends Close

Who doesn’t want to be near their friends? Friends support and encourage each other. They tease each other and keep each other’s secrets. Most importantly, there is real love in a friendship. Here at Morguard, we’re a big proponent of friendships and believe friends should be kept close by. That’s why communities in the Morguard family across North America have a referral program that incentivizes residents to turn their friends into their neighbors.

And Your Neighbors Closer

Think back on the great neighbors throughout the years: Fred and Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy, Steve Urkel from Family Matters, the gang from Friends and Big Bang Theory, and of course everyone’s favorite neighbor Mr. Rogers. Living near friends has myriad benefits:

  • Impromptu parties are almost inevitable.

  • There is always someone around to binge your favorite tv shows with.

  • Someone to share meals with.

  • Game nights are a breeze.

  • There is someone to lovingly tell you that you should not leave home in that outfit.

  • If you’ve seen enough of each other, you can both just go to your own apartment!

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

With the various referral programs we offer here at Morguard, there is no reason not to bring your buddies by to tour where you live and maybe even encourage them to call Morguard Home. Take advantage of our generous Resident Referral Program today by contacting the leasing team at your community for information.

While we’re talking about referrals, we’re always looking for fun, creative, hard-working people to join our team. If you or someone you know is a good fit for our company culture and are currently seeking a new role in apartment or property management, consider a career with Morguard. Also, continue to follow our blog to find out more about Morguard Community happenings!​​​


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