12/22/2017 12:31 PM


Tis the season to welcome family and friends into your home for holiday celebration! The holiday season really is the most wonderful time year and we want to encourage everyone to take a moment and breathe it all in. We invite you into our homes across North America to celebrate the joy and cheer that is found in abundance during the holiday season. Whether it is hosting gatherings for family and friends or decorating your apartment full of holiday cheer, we want to wish you a Happy Holidays from all of us at Morguard!

This year, we’re celebrating across the board with holiday parties and appreciation dinners for our fantastic residents and of course our amazing Morguard teams! These celebrations allow us to show appreciation to our exceptional residents and teams. Now join us in rejoicing in the giving spirit of this holiday season!


The DNA that runs through each of our properties is simple – have fun!. When we show appreciation to our teams and residents, we always want it to be fun. This year, our DC team hit the bowling alley and knocked down pins in the same way they knocked down this year’s goals! We also enjoyed warm conversations by the fire while watching each other play bocce. Georgia had just as much fun as they tapped into their inner child at Dave and Busters. Speed racing, dance competitions, and tickets everywhere gave them a night to remember. South Florida even got their Gatsby on! Everyone dressed up in 1920’s fashion and celebrated with over 100 people in attendance. Who said work can’t be fun?





Come One, Come All!

In the same vein of appreciation, we continued the fun for residents and management. Shoes were shined and dresses twirled for dancing and live music. The Louisiana Holiday Party featured a live salsa band, photo booth, and plenty of good food and drinks. We welcomed our various levels of management and team members from Dallas to Virginia. The music continued at our senior living center, Aspen Grove, in Mississauga, Ontario. The spectrum of generations in attendance made everyone feel like family.



Here’s to Next Year

Our teams reflected on the moments of accomplishments through the year. Our North Carolina Appreciation Dinner honored our teams for hard work and dedication. Live music and artwork from local artists surrounded them as they enjoyed fine dining. The bacon wrapped filet was a hit – we can’t wait for next year’s dinner! And in Florida, Tampa and Bradenton also enjoyed a tasty meal at their holiday appreciation dinner and raised glasses to their continued success.



Morguard is a place where all are invited in. We call it home and we cannot wait to share our lifestyle with more people. If this celebratory spirit sounds like you, join our team! We promise it does not stop at the end of this season. We look forward to meeting you and creating memories with you. Happy Holidays!


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