11/21/2016 11:06 AM

​If you're ready to take on the challenge of hosting Thanksgiving, but are concerned about making it work in your Morguard apartment, don’t panic! Thanksgiving dinner can be a daunting task for anyone, so we want to share tips from small-space experts for your upcoming delicious feast, regardless of square footage and floor plan.

Make A Plan

The number one rule in the planning stage is to remind yourself to keep it simple. We all have a tendency to overdo it with elaborate decor plans and unique takes on traditional dishes, but we recommend sticking to just four homemade dishes, including the turkey. Instead of stressing in the kitchen and preparing a meal that has a million-and-one ingredients, stick to your favorites. Also, don’t stray away from making it a potluck gathering, but instead of saying “bring whatever,” be specific about what you want each person to contribute.

The next part of the planning stage is to make your menu work for your space. Knowing the turkey will hog the oven, opt for dishes that can be made ahead and reheated just before serving, or ones that can be served at room temperature, like a green salad or a wild-rice salad. Finally, write out your ingredient list and review it later before strategizing when and where to do your shopping.   

It’s Never Too Early to Start Prepping

In the preparation phase, getting the turkey ready is an obvious focus. A frozen turkey can take up to 72 hours to defrost in a refrigerator, so purchase yours by Sunday morning, to make sure you have enough prep time for the big day. Clean out the fridge to make space or if you have one of our nice Morguard patios or balconies you can also defrost your turkey in a cooler and brine it at the same time. Score! Our apartments were meant for Thanksgiving entertaining.

On Wednesday, prep as much as possible: Peel potatoes and carrots and store them in water, etc. Turkey dinner can go with red or white wine, so stick with mostly red, which won’t take up precious fridge space. Finally, do a count once the guest list is set to ensure that you have all the plates, utensils, glasses, napkins, serving dishes, seats and so on that you'll need to host this dinner without a glitch. Clear any clutter from your living space and countertops to open up options for food, drink, and mingling.

Game Day

The big day is here. The first clear rule is to start early and maximize your dining space and chosen style. You can have a sit-down meal at a table or a more casual serve yourself and eat-where-you-are affair. If you have seats for all your guests and a table to accommodate them, great! Or let guests sit on the couch, at the coffee table or counter, or on whatever chairs you have. If possible, create a circle of seating that allows everyone to converse conveniently while also having a good view of the TV, especially if you have football fans coming.

Our Morguard panel of experts agree: The key to Thanksgiving peace of mind is to clean up your workspace throughout the prep process. If you let dishes pile up, you’ll never recover in time for the feast.

Meal Time

As guests arrive before meal time, forget about trying to impress with fancy appetizers that take up room and time. Instead stick to no-cook, store-bought savories like nuts, olives, or meats and cheeses. For coats and purses, if you have a coat rack or hooks around your apartment, utilize those as well as extra closet space or the built-in shelves many Morguard properties offer as an amenity.

Our Morguard tip of the day for meal time is to consider a buffet station, instead of clogging up valuable dining space in the main seating area. Another tip: as dishes start to pile up, don’t put them in the sink. Place them in the BATHTUB and draw the shower curtain to deal with after guests have left. Secondly, don’t stress out and move around too fast, or your guests will feel tense, too. Grab a glass of wine and smile, even if the stuffing is a touch dry. Happy Thanksgiving!

Our Morguard team loves this time of year and we enjoy sharing the holiday cheer at all of our communities. For example, the Bonfire and S’mores event will light up the night while listening to live music on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at Grand Venetian at Las Colinas, in Irving, Texas. Also contributing to the Thanksgiving spirit, with Perry Point Apartments in Raleigh, North Carolina which will be hosting a food drive for Hurricane Matthew victims thru November 20th. Residents can drop off canned goods and nonperishable items at the office. We want to include you or someone you might know who wants to work with a company with a welcoming company culture like ours. From all of us, may you have an enjoyable Thanksgiving with family and friends.


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